I have suffered with acne prone skin from about 13 years old. I’m now 34 and still suffering!!! Not today! It’s a true miracle! I used the silver soap in the shower and when I saw my face in the mirror I almost cried! All my pores were clear, there was no residue, no tightness, no irritation and my skin was soft and smooth! I’m going to use this and ONLY this from now on! My life is changed! THANK YOU!!!!!!

Sarah M
Silverdale, WA


I absolutely LOVE this Collodial Silver soap and cream !!  I have an oily complexion especially in the T-Zone area.  This soap (regular formula) has normalized and balanced that out.  My skin has never looked or felt so clean.  The cream is not greasy and does not make my skin break out.  Please don’t ever stop making these products !!
Carolyn G

Dearest friends~ I would like to share this with you! I found out about these Colloidal Silver drops from my friend and super awesome massage therapist, Robin McNeil!… I told her about our old girl, Panda (15 1/2) having this skin illness all her life, how it’s very flaky but greasy, takes her hair away, would make her chew like Crazy and how she has had this big bald spot on her rear for years and years! I also told her that our 6 year old cat, Olie, who all of a sudden had these weird lumps all over his back, from neck to tail, and we have no idea what it was. We researched thinking it may be an allergy to the new food or even mange!(<spelling?) We started out putting a few drops on them (it’s watery and I would just rub it in) and then I decided to put it in their water. It’s odorless and they get excited now when see me put the drops in the water! I’m sharing this with you all because of how well it works! Not only has all of Panda’s hair grown back, her skin looks so good, she doesn’t chew anymore and her hair is thick and super shiny now, she also has been playing with Bentley! This is the old girl we were sure we needed to put down a few months ago! What is amazing me is I just watched her play with Bentley for about 4 minutes straight!!! Where is ask that coming from? We have done nothing different but these drops! Also… kitt-hee’s skin is almost all cleared up! If it can do this for our fury kids’, what can it do for me? Can it bring back my hair loss from the Lupus and fibro? I bet it can! I’ll let you know how it works! If you have a pet in need of this, (or yourself!) They are only over the bridge and will ship to you! They are called Silver Miracles and you can find them on the net. 2 thumbs up from this girl! :))

I wanted to rave about your silver gel product!! I am a long term essential oil user and use to use colloidal silver and started to use oils for everything. I got an infection in my nose that would not go away. I used every oil I had for months! It was not going away! I used your gel and within 3 days it was gone! I was very impressed!! Thank you!!

I just want to tell you how much I like the colloidal silver soap I received this week in my order!  The lather is unbelievable and it has taken care of the rash I have had on my arms.  I bought 4 bars and am looking forward to my next order.  Glad I found you on the internet!
Thank you!
Jean Marinone

Hello Silver Miracles,
I used the Colloidal Silver Cream on a rash that I had tried lots of other moisturizers on with no real benefit. After only a few days there was a dramatic improvement, and the rash is gone before the 4 oz. container is half used. Also it feels cool and nice to the skin, with no perfume smell. Thanks for a great product. I’ll be back.
All the best,
Dave Silva

Good morning Dr. John, thought I’d let you know of a positive experience I’ve had by using colloidal silver. It’s been over the past 3 years I’ve had a mole/skin flap something growing on the right side of my face. It is located straight across from my ear lobe and because of my beard I have been able to hide it. It has continued to grow the past few years to the point Chris noticed it. It also got hard and darker in color, really bugging me. My worse case scenario was to have to shave part of my beard, see a doctor, and have it cut out. ——— During the past few weeks I have been vigorously applying colloidal silver with a cotton Q-tip every other night before going to bed. Guess what? The growth is now not visible and I all I can feel is a teeny-tiny bump with my finger! I’m going to continue another week applying the silver and see if the bump goes away.
Best Regards, Rick
Lakewood, WA

My 8 year old son has had eczema since age 2. While researching this condition about a year ago, I came across the Silver Miracles website. I thought what the heck, let’s try it. We had tried EVERYTHING else and it was costing a fortune…especially after the dog ate one tube of prescription cream that cost $140!

We bought the Colloidal cream and it has worked wonders. It is one of the very few creams that doesn’t send Grant into crying fits because of the stinging. And best of all it actually does work to reduce the irritation, redness, and itching that drives people crazy. It hasn’t cured the eczema, but it has improved his condition by about 75%. In addition, the cream is a non-greasy formula, which means it doesn’t get all over everything. This stuff is wonderful and a bargain to boot.

Forrest and Amy P.
Galveston, Texas

We’ve wanted to tell you something since we started using your products. I saw almost a dozen doctors including specialists for a recurring problem that no one could even treat enough to arrest. Then I found out about colloidal silver through a friend and after thoroughly researching it, I started taking colloidal silver internally and topically. Soon after, my medical condition was not only arrested but reversed.
We’ve heard many other stories like mine since then and we just wanted to thank you for making these truly life saving products available. We even use your products to treat our pets illnesses and injuries. We have recommended your products to many people and will continue to do so.


Keep up the good work
Dawn and Michael H.

I just want to thank you for making the Colloidal Silver Cream. For years I have gone thru the winter with my face dry, chapped and feeling on fire. I have tried every product out there only to toss it in the garbage. Those products seemed to do me more harm than good.

Since I bought your product last year I have used it every day. This is the First Year My Face has not had blotches all over it, dry, tight and on fire. My face feels so clean and smooth. I have been getting compliments on how nice my face looks and what am I putting on it. You bet I tell them what it is and where I get it. I wish you great success with this product because it sure is a woman’s miracle cream.

Thanks Again,
Leona J.
Gig Harbor, WA

Click Here for Bob’s Story … book excerpt.

After using the Colloidal Silver Cream on my face & the Shea Butter on my neck for about 2 weeks, I received the best compliment.  I was seated at a restaurant with my singles group from church, and several of the “girls” gathered up courage to ask me what product I used on my face.  They had spoken to each other about what beautiful skin I had.  Believe me, at 55 years of age, I did not expect my skin to be noticed in such a public place.  But I was happy to let them in on my secret weapon, “Silver Miracles”.
Federal Way, WA

I’m re-ordering because your product is helpful. I have been treating a bacterial rash and your products are so much more gentle and soothing (and even more effective) than commercial antibiotic creams and ointments. Thanks for a great product.
Benicia, CA

Just a quick note to let you know that I am passing information about you and your miracle silver products.  I had given a bar of soap to my daughter-in-law for Heather (my grand-daughter).  Her family was teasing her about the bad odor she had.  She came to me and cried telling me that other kids told her the same thing and that she always scrubbed hard when showering and just hated herself.  She has always been super active and perspires to beat the band. I just got an e-mail from her mom telling me that not only did it help the odor problem but really took care of the acne she had.  She then told Tyler(my grand-son) to use it on his face and voila!  It helps with acne too!  I bet you already knew that!
Adele B.
Gig Harbor, WA

A friend of mine recommended the Colloidal Silver Foot Cream for my cracked and calloused heels/feet. I skeptically tried some and within a few days, I was wearing sandals again. I am so thankful for such a great product that brought immediate and complete relief to a problem I had for years! Thanks Silver Miracles!
Chula Vista, CA

A woman came into a health food store that carries our products. She was buying soap and cream. The cashier asked if she had tried the products before. She said that she had and was having great success using the products on her sons cystic acne. She was seeing more improvement than the products the dermatologist was prescribing.

We got a call from a woman (Liz in Renton) wanting to buy Colloidal Silver Peppermint Foot Cream. She was so excited that she had finally found something that worked on her cracked, calloused heels. She wanted to buy a gallon. We only have the two ounce size so she bought 5 jars. I’m sure we will hear from her again!

We had a man come in the store and buy 2 bars of our Colloidal Silver Soap. He said that he had psoriasis on his scalp and it had been there for 20+ years. He had seen dermatologists and doctors and nothing help. He said he started using the soap last Friday and today (less than a week later) it is gone so he was back for more! He couldn’t believe it!