CBD Cream 500mg

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2.20 Ounces

This rich, creamy CBD Intensive Cream, is packed with the best all natural oils available including Sweet Almond Oil, Cocoa Butter, and Shea Butter.  Our unique formula has Colloidal Silver as an anti-microbial and organic Full-Spectrum extract powder which creates an immediate soothing sensation while the combination of our all natural oils moisturize your skin. This unique combination creates a full treatment for your skin, it’s a difference you’ll truly feel.

  • 500 mg Full Spectrum CBD
  • Moisturizes and soothes skin instantly
  • Enhances well-being and aids in post workout recovery.
  • Rich, creamy, formula absorbs quickly
  • Our most popular product! 
Directions: Massage a small amount directly onto skin 3-5 times daily.  
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CBD Info:
Our proprietary method begins with a CO2 whole plant extraction.  This gives us a full spectrum CBD Oil made from every part fo the cannabis plant.  The crude oil is then refined in to a Pure Powder without the use of any solvents.  This reduces the particle size offering great Bio-availability and gives us a 97% pure phytocannabinoid rich extract with only .15% THC.  Our CBD products provide fast and long lasting comfort with no psychoactive effects.